Distressed Grungy Floral Paper

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Distressed Grungy Floral Paper

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Distressed Grungy Floral Paper is a pretty paper reminiscent of vintage faded wallpaper. The 18 lb decoupage tissue weight makes it both durable, and thin enough to virtually disappear. The 20" x 30″sheets make easy work of large scaled creations such as furniture decoupage projects. This vintage style paper has a bit of everything. Typography, florals, filigree and a bit of dark distressing make the Distressed Grungy Floral paper a winning combo.

If you’ve used decoupage napkins before, you will love this product. This versatile product works with any decoupage medium or decoupage glue. We recommend our Wise Owl Varnish for a decoupage medium. Are you ready for the beautiful combination of a vintage florals and decoupage distressing? You will love the Distressed Grungy Floral paper! You can use it to decoupage wood, glass, marble, the options are nearly endless.